A complete fleet at your service!

For Groupe Caron Ltd , it is imperative to have the best equipment in order to offer an efficient and reliable service. Our road fleet comprises more than 325 units of all sizes and equipment to meet your specific needs, here are a few:

• Automobiles
• Light trucks 'Econoline' and 'pick- up' type
• Trucks express 14 and 18 feet cube type
• Trucks 22 to 28 feet with hydraulic lift
• Conventional Tractors and berth (6-10 wheels)
• Tractors court/yard (shunt)
• Closed Trailers from 28 to 53 feet, 2 or 3 axles
• Closed trailers 32 feet with hydraulic lift
• Closed trailers 53 feet with controlled temperature
• Closed 53-foot refrigerated trailers
• Trailers platform and curtains, 48 feet and 53 feet , 2 and 3 axles
• Container Chassis

Emergency service units always available

The professional team of mechanics at Groupe Caron Ltd has 3 service units and a garage with 4 bays to ensure an emergency service at any time.

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